Every decision made for schools should be anchored in the question: What is best for the students we serve?
— Dr. Antoinette Pearson
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Dr. Antoinette Pearson, known as education’s change agent, is an educational consultant, author, entrepreneur and educator of 20 years.  She teaches and authors from the perspective of an experienced urban educator, change agent, and a nurturing mother.

Dr. Pearson has worked in various capacities of K-12 education including: a teacher, curriculum leader, assistant principal, athletic director, principal, and now a consultant helping educators of various levels. Her determination and passion for creating equitable opportunities for children led to her advancement in the education field.

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Latest Book: Truth Transforms Education

The evolution of school leadership roles is redefining leaders as individuals who are facilitators, catalysts and creators of social change. These leaders must know themselves and understand the population they have been charged to serve.

Beginning a new leadership position can be daunting and overwhelming. A new school leader can feel isolated and alone as they begin the assignment. Truth Transforms Education was created to provide a framework to individuals beginning their journey as a new school leader. This book will help the new leader begin thinking on foundational principles needed to be impactful in this role.


Truth Transforms Education
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Antoinette writes a weekly blog titled Truth Transforms Education: The Common Sense About Education.  It highlights common truths about education and the institutions that influence it. Check out the latest blog today. 


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