All I Want To Do Is Teach!!

How often have you heard a teacher in a school setting say, with attitude, “I didn’t go to college to do all of this stuff.  All I want to do is teach.  That’s what I am. A teacher.”

Big heart

Teach?  What “stuff”?  

There is a misconception that teaching is a relatively easy job.  Not only that, it has great perks; holidays and summers off.  I mean, if you think about it, most people choose teaching as a second career because it is something anyone can do. Right?

Even though the current teacher will totally disagree with this statement and even most people would disagree with it as well, there are still some people who think that teaching is EASY.

Teaching is more than providing information to students on a specific content.  Teaching creates opportunities for students to discover learning through creative activities and assignments.  Teaching helps develop higher order thinking skills through project based learning.  Teaching provides opportunities to problem solve and collaborate on a topic and discover solutions.

Teaching also builds confidence, character and trust.  By building positive relationships with students, trust begins to grow.  Students see their teacher as a confident, a mentor and a moral compass.  With trust, students begin to feel good about who they are and what they can do because their teacher has given them a safe place to make mistakes without ridicule or embarrassment.

Teaching demonstrates care, love and compassion.  As the trust blossoms into a positive and productive relationships, sincere care and love for the students emerges from the teacher.  Compassion allows for the teacher to see the ultimate potential of the student despite the current condition, phase or state they may be in.

This compassion allows the teacher to forge through the acting out, the missed assignments and the lack of motivation due to home issues from the student.  This compassion allows for the teacher to love what they do and who they do it for.  This compassions allows for the teacher to set the high bar, always encouraging, pushing and guiding the student to the next level.

“All I want to do is teach.  That’s what I am.  A teacher.”

So, if you really know what teaching is…….THEN TEACH!!

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