Can You Hear Me??

Education is the only profession where anyone with some power or status can come into a public forum/meeting or strategic session at a round table with others of like status and make impacting decisions on what goes on in the classroom.

I have never heard of a fireman going into a hospital operating room and telling the doctor how to conduct the surgery.  I have never heard of the banker going into a 5 star restaurant and dictating to the chef what ingredients to add to the meal.  I have never heard of a construction worker going into the board room of a sports franchise and telling the owner and manager how they should spend their money on players.

So why is it they EVERYONE can tell educators how to teach, when to teach, what to teach and even whom to teach but EDUCATORS?


The constant demand to correct the systemic issues in the educational systems has become a part of the daily media landscape.  Talks on new reform districts, charter school management and accountability, centralizing services, Common Core standards . . . and the list goes on, is ongoing.

Did anyone ask a teacher? A Principal?  I think the parent voice gets a little more traction at times than the actual “boots on the ground”.

I would like for everyone to just stop all the noise.  Mute the loud outcrys.  Listen to the small, still voices emerging from the classrooms and schools, from the voices of the teachers and the leaders.  What better way to address the issues in the schools than by asking the people who work there?

We might just find the REAL SOLUTIONS, to the REAL PROBLEMS!!