YOUR Reality vs THE Reality

It is a part of human nature to make conclusions based on personal experiences and observations.  These conclusions help to create a framework in which we operate.  This framework can be a powerful tool.  It provides depth to our characters, a moral compass, a definition for who we are and what we believe.

This framework can also be detrimental.  With our personal experiences and observations, this framework that has been created can become a barrier for learning others and for operating within environments unfamiliar to us.  This framework can make us feel so uncomfortable that we become judgmental.  With these preconceive notions about people, places and things, our words and actions begin to publicly display these judgements.  And although this is not maliciously done, how does one operate in society knowing that these reactions are human reactions?

One must be intentional and purposeful with every individual and every action.  This is particularly true when working with children in schools.  Often times educators come into schools, located in certain neighborhoods, populated by a diverse population of students, with non traditional family structures – and begin to make assumptions and judgements based on THEIR reality, which was rooted in their personal, moral framework.  THEIR reality, however, has hindered them from really understanding and seeing who these children are, what this neighborhood really is, who these families are.

THEIR reality hinders them from seeing THE reality.

THE reality is the potential that exists within these schools.  THE reality is the truth about who the schools, students and parents are because you have taken the time to TRULY learn who they are.  THE reality is that anything is possible if time is taken to develop, enrich, encourage and empower.

What is YOUR reality and is it THE Reality?