Coffee vs. Kind Words

Coffee! Got to have it!!

I will admit it.  I am one of those; Yes, a coffee addict. I must have a cup of coffee to get the day started.  It is amazing to me that there are quite a few of us who operate like this.    Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee, right?!

But the same is true for kind words.  As a principal, I made it a point to be in the halls daily to greet my students and their parents as they entered the building.  Initially, students looked at me funny, probably thinking, “Why is this lady talking to me so early in the morning?”    Some of the students responded and some just kept walking.  Their lack of participation in this activity didn’t deter me from continuing this daily ritual.  I kept speaking every day as they entered.

Eventually, students were responding.  They were smiling as they entered, eager to say “Good Morning”.  On a few occasions when I was distracted by a thought, the students would immediately step in front of me and say those two powerful words.  The words even led to daily hugs in the morning.   But why would I use “powerful” to describe those two words?

What I came to realize is that those two words helped to remove barriers that existed between the students and the school.  Students were being greeted as the important people they are.  They were being welcomed into a place that valued who they were. These students were able to, if only for a little while, push to the side some of the negative feelings and experiences they may have had prior to coming into school.

Those two kind words and many others should be embedded in our daily communication with students.  We never know how impactful our words are on the mental and emotional state of a student.  We should be mindful that our words, few or many, can shift a student towards having a positive or negative attitude about their learning experience.  The same is true for our interaction with the adults in our worlds.  Our words are just as impactful amongst our peers.  It never hurts to be kind or to say nice things.

Kind words can really jumpstart the day for us and definitely will keep us going throughout the day.  We need to be intentional with our words, seeking to uplift others.  Our words are more powerful and potent than we think….better than that good cup of coffee.

But drinking a cup definitely is essential!!