Seasons Change …Educators Should Too!

 In Michigan, make no mistake, there are clear indicators that the season is changing from one to the next.  Look all around you now and you will see the autumn colors on every tree with leaves.  As the trees become bare and the temperature steadily drops, we all know the next season, Winter, is on its way.

The changing of seasons appears flawless, calculated and happens no matter what is occurring in our personal or professional lives.  This is our environment’s way of replenishing itself and preparing for more growth in a few months.  Nature’s way of changing should be an example to us as educators.

There are many situations and circumstances we have no control over.  Yet we are responsible for providing equitable, relevant and engaging learning experiences for ALL children, daily.  This minimal control of our surrounding factors provides a struggle to a lot of educators.  They are unable to adapt successfully to meet the needs of their students.  Actually, some educators are unwilling to adapt.  They have become so embedded in how things have been that they can’t see the need to evolve as their current surroundings are changing.  Let’s admit, our students learn differently.  They are exposed to much more than we had been at their age and they desire to be challenged beyond what the traditional methods of teaching offer.

The inability and/or unwillingness to adjust has crippled many schools and districts.  Change has created a fear that most just can’t seem to work through.  We don’t seem to totally understand the gravity not changing has upon our students and their community.  They way we taught 10 years ago, can not be the way we teach today.

Changing our practices is not an indictment on what we have been doing.

Changing doesn’t signal that we have been wrong all this time.

As a matter of fact, changing opens the door for us to grow better in our profession, to seek additional learning and to become even more creative with our teaching and leading.

We can not continue to ignore that times are different for our students and for us, as educators.  This is our reality.  Depending on how you accept the need to change , that will determine how successful you can become.  When seasons change, no one questions why it happens; they just accept the fact that it must happen AND that it is a good thing for our environment.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if educators would accept change in our schools and educational systems as an opportunity to get better and to help our students even more, rather than fight against it?

Just as our seasons change, so should we!!