What is Your Legacy??

Although I have been out of the classroom for some years, it never ceases to amaze me how students you have taught many years ago, remember you, as the teacher, and the class you taught.  I mean it must have been hundreds of students I taught or interacted with as a teacher.  I am good with faces . . . names are a different story.

But the amazement I get from these students recognizing me as the teacher, despite the physical changes that have occurred (like more gray hairs), goes beyond that.  It is the words that follow. In the past few months, I have encountered several students in person or online who have stated how much they appreciated being in my class or the things I taught them.  They have stated that my lessons and tactics helped them become better people, introduced them to a love of a content that now is the center of their career or that I was simply a caring person.  WOW!!!  

I must be honest.  It is hard to remember everything you have ever done with a student; or the lessons taught; or the countless conversations had with a student who just needed the extra push. During those moments, it feels as if your efforts may be futile and that you haven't impacted your students, one way or the other.

But these past few encounters have only reminded me of how impactful our words and actions, as educators, have on children.  The legacy we create for ourselves can be positive or negative. What legacy are you creating with your students each time you teach them? Talk to them? Engage Them?  Will they remember you as someone who was vested in their success or just someone who didn't care?  How much of an impression will you have on your students AND will this impressive change their life for the better or the worse?

The type of legacy you want to create, starts and ends with you!  

What's will be YOUR LEGACY?