Treat Them Like Your Own

I can’t help but wonder at times what my personal children’s experiences in school would be if they were in classes of some of the teachers I have observed.

It is heartbreaking and almost criminal to sit in some classes of teachers who have been charged to impart knowledge to some of our most fragile human beings.  The lack of high expectations simply reeks as soon as you walk into their doors.  Students are simply copying words from a board and looking them up in a dictionary.  Only to have them study them for a test on Friday and no follow up thereafter.  Now what is the probability that students will see the value of such exercises?  Better yet, what is the likelihood that they will even remember a third of the words they journal weekly.

The question comes to mind, ” Why does this teacher feel that this is the level of work his or her students are only capable of completing and mastering?”  After all, it is a school.  This is where they are to learn.  Grant it, many will come with some gaps but that is the job of the teacher to fill the gaps as much as you can as quickly as you can.

I often wonder do teachers ask themselves this question, “Would I want my own personal children to be in a classroom like the room I am conducting?”  Some of us would be beside ourselves if we knew our personal children were sitting in the ELA block for 60 minutes or more copying words from a dictionary.  We would email everyone from the principal to the superintendent and then demand immediate change.

So I ask, if this practices and many more that are low in rigor and expectations is not good enough for your own, why is it sufficient for those you teach?

Teach Them Like They Were Your OWN!!!!

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